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What makes a recipe simple? We believe that simple recipes should not only include easy ingredients, but these recipes should also taste great. Far too often, “simple” recipes don’t have any taste at all, and these are exactly the types of recipes that we hope to avoid. Instead, we want to bring you simple recipes made from fresh ingredients that taste great.

Some of the best food in the world is simple. Italians are known all around the world for creating simple dishes that stand out. Likewise, Mediterranean cooks have been praised for creating simple and fresh dishes that include a variety of complex flavours. The trick to creating any simple dish is to make sure that your ingredients are fresh.

Our Recipes

Without fresh ingredients, any dish will simply become mediocre. With fresh ingredients, the simplest dish in the world can turn into a gourmet meal that pleases any appetite. You’ll find that all of the recipes listed on this site expertly combine fresh ingredients with simple ingredients to create cuisine that is as tasty as it is easy to prepare.

We know that you don’t have a lot of time during your busy week, and that’s why we want to bring you the best and simples recipes around. On our site you’ll find all kinds of meal ideas including:

    Smoothies and Drinks
    Main Meals

All of these recipes won’t take any time to prepare, but all of them will taste like you spent hours slaving over a hot stove. Since we’ve taken the time to go through each recipe on our site, we can assure you that all of our recipes are stellar. Choose any recipe that appeals to you, and get ready to make the simplest and tastiest dish you’ve ever created!

Any of our recipes are good enough to bring to a special occasion, and all of our recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Keep us in mind when it comes time to entertain guests, cook for your family, or bring a dish to a loved one. We want to become your number one resource for simple recipes!

Adding Your Simple Recipe to Our Site

If you have a simple recipe that you want to share with fellow cooks, please contact us. We’re always interested in hearing about new recipes, and we’d love to see what you have to offer. Once our experts have gone over your recipe, we’ll post it on our site. We know that some of the best recipes come from our readers, and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer!